Remembering Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo

Bankhead, Atlanta-based rapper Shawty Lo (real name Carlos Walker, 03/31/1976 – 09/21/2016) was known for his contributions to crunk and snap, and was a founding member of the southern hip hip group Down for Life (D4L).

In 2003 he founded D4L records (Facebook), and their 2006 hit song “Laffy Taffy” enjoyed success, and made it into the Guinness Book of World Records in 2007 as the most downloaded song. The group disbanded after the song’s success, and its members pursued solo careers. 

Feud & Record Deals

Shawty Lo

Shawty Lo.

Shawty Lo was probably best known for his debut single “Dey Know” on his debut album “Units in the City,” which was released in 2008. Dey Know reached number 3 on the Billboard US Hot Rap Songs.

That year Shawty Lo was in a highly-publicized feud with Atlanta rapper T.I. Lo’s track “Dunn Dunn” questions T.I.’s roots. T.I. fired back with “What Up, What’s Haapnin” and “No Matter What.” The feud reached a climax at the November 2008 Dirty Awards when a clash between the two forced the event to be shut down, but was publicly resolved by March 2009.

In 2011 Lo announced he had diabetes, but he also signed the D4L label to a distribution deal with 50 cent’s G-Unit South for more than $10 million dollars. In January of 2015 Shawty Lo announced he signed a deal with Grown Money Entertainment.

Shawty Lo had eleven children via ten women, and was set to feature in reality show All My Babies’ Mamas, however a backlash against the show – which was set to premiere in 2013 – prevented it from airing.

Shawty told MTV News: “You can hate all you want to, I didn’t ask for it. It just happened. Now that it happened, I’m supposed to turn my back against it? If I wasn’t taking care of my kids then you would really dog me out, but I’m taking care of my kids, providing for my family. I don’t know what else to say.”

Shawty Lo Death

Shawty Lo died at age 40 after his car crashed in Fulton County, Georgia. According to WSB-TV Atlanta, at around 2:20 a.m. his 2016 Audi launched over a guardrail and hit several trees before catching on fire. Lo was killed immediately after being ejected from the car. On September 21st, 2016, Shawty’s brother announced the death via Shawty’s twitter account. Shortly after the crash, twitter user Mike Nicholas (@11AliveMike) filmed a short clip of the car and posted it to twitter.

Shawty Lo/D4L Records discography:

D4L laffy taffy album cover

D4L Laffy Taffy cover

* Supplier (single)

Foolish (single)

* Laffy Taffy (single)

* Down for Life (album)

* They Know (promo)

* Take Off (single)

* Dey Know (single)

* Units in the City (album)

Awards and Nominations:

* BET Hip Hop Awards [2008, Rookie of the Year (won), Track of the Year “Dey Know” (won)]

* Ozone Awards [2008 Best Rap Album “Units in the City” (nominated), 2008 Breakthrough Artist (won), 2008 Club Banger of the Year “Dey Know” (nominated), 2008 Best Mixtape/Street Album “I’m Da Man 2” with DJ Scream (nominated)]

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